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her husband's space mission. >> after being told for about five years we'd never have a biological child, i can't squabble about a delivery date. >> reporter: flight directors, more comfortable discussing launch dates, were instead answering questions about due dates. >> don't the doctors and rebecca realize this is nasa and i've got a very well thought out, well planned, meticulous time line and they are not abiding by it. >> reporter: abigail has a big brother, 3-year-old wyatt, adopted by the bresniks from an orphanage in the ukraine a year ago. he suggested nemo as a name for his new sister. dad randy still has one more spacewalk on monday. he'll get his first chance to hold his new daughter next weekend. "atlantis" is scheduled to land the day after thanksgiving. what a homecoming it will be for the bresnik family. gina sunseri, abc news, houston. >> and gina mentioned monday's space walk here it is live on the east coast as the astronauts get prepared. randy, again, not having a lot of time to sit around and think about his new daughter. he has a lot of work to do.
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stay with us for "good morning america" at 7:00. >> check out our w >> a senate showdown. lawmakers on both sdes of the aisle are weighing in on the latest efforts to overall healthcare. also, the redskins lose another hard breaker. we have the highlights. >> passengers' lives could be at stake. >> more questions about metro expansion through dulles. good morning washinton starts now. good morning. i am doug mcelway. >> i'm lison's darling. happy monday. -- i am alison starling.
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>> let's check on the weather with brian van de graaff. >> there's a lot of moisture down to our sw that will be moving to the north. we will have light showers and rain. it's in the 40's. low to mid 40's. 46 degrees in stafford. lisa baden has the traffic report. >> not much happening. things are very smooth around the beltway. no overnight construction to move out of the way. no problems on the road. things are running very nicely. on the beltway at 50 it looks fine. in springfield, va., the southbound from the beltway to fredericksburg looks fine so far. traffic patterns will be a
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little different with the the holidays approaching. we will keep an eye on traffic in town and around town for the next few days. >> breaking news out of fairfax. firefighters are battling a house fire. it broke out at 3:00 to 15 on school street. it does not appear anybody was in the house. no injuries reported. >> but we are turning to our other top story. new safety questions about the metro silver line expansion out to the beltway. >> if safety investigation is under way as to whether steel pilings can support the bridge. >> these 1 once forgotten pilings are at the center of a federal safety investigation. there were created in 1977 to one day holdup a bridge for metro trains. that day has arrived. construction is underway for
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the $5 billion over line. the company wants to use these pilings for the new project. according to a story, the company initially resisted tests on the pilings, then agreed to check nine out of the 11. >> i would hate to think that day are doing a random sample. >> the federal transit administration wants to make sure safety comes first and they have asked for a thorough inspection plan for the group overseeing the construction. >> people's lives could be at stake, so they should definitely test them. they cannot take any risks. >> that was kathy park reporting. four or barricadhour barricade situation, there were reports of a man in a home with a gun in
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the 4000 blog of decatur street. they had to variegate him unti barricade him until 2:00 in the morning. and they discover no one else was in the house. >> full debate on the health care bill will get underway a week from today. most division continues to be over the government run insurance option. if lawmakers, some of them say they will not support the bill if a public option is included. republicans have already made it clear they will not support it. >> we will do everything we can to prevent this measure from becoming law. >> if democrats lose just one vote, republicans could filibuster. if the bill passes the senate, it would then be merged with the house version. the final bill would be approved than by both chambers.
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the army psychiatrist that killed 14 people in texas is paralyzed from the chest down. doctors believe hasan's paralysis will be permanent. he is hospitalized with gunshot wounds. during a hearing in his hospital room on saturday, a magistrate ruled he casn be confined until his military trial. >> at 11:30 last night in southeast, a man was stabbed in the chest and in the stomach, said to be in stable condition. police are trying to figure out what led to it. in virginia, fairfax county police are ready fo looking fory results on a man that was found dead in a car. the body was found after the fire was put out. police are arresting anyone with information on anything strange
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in that area to come forward. >> redskins fans are coping with a last-minute loss in bolon star state. they lost to the dallas cowboys. there were injuries can't bad offensive production. the final score was 7-6. we will have highlights andro action coming up in a few minutes. >>-- and action coming up. >> this was taylorwift. she topol 05 awards at the american music awards. michael jackson won four posthumous awards, including favorite male artist. >> taylor swift has won so many awards.
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>> we have 49 degrees in rockville. >> we will have the latest on the fight against swine flu. infection rates are dropping, but demand for the vaccine is still going strong. >> a police suspect thrown through a glass window, caught on tape. we will show you the video. >> there are showers moving in from the south. u will need to the umbrella all week. what about the the "travel forecast"? what about the the "travel forecast"?
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>> welcome back. it's monday. temperatures in the 40's. there's rain on our doorstep. it's not quite into the local viewing area. it will be fting north from the charlottesville area. temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40's. temperatures near 50. overcast and cool with a light showers and drizzle developing. we will talk about the the "travel forecast" and a couple of minutes. >> let's go to what's happening
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on 270. that is heavier volume spotted southbound approaching 109. i have nothing to report on the dulles greenaway, the dulles toll road. it's a nice ride on the beltway. looks fine through montgomery county. deer is it a vehicle at the parkway at410. the normal travel times on 66 between centreville and the beltway, where we are also in good shape. >> thank you. a san francisco area transit police officer is injured after a confrontation with a passenger but that was caught on tape. the officer removed an unruly passenger from the train on saturday night. the video appeared to show the passenger punching the glass wall around the station
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platform. the glass shattered. the officer and the suspect were cut by the falling gss. they were taken to a hospital. >> looked like the officer's head went into the glass. 49 degrees. >> coming up anas monday, a holiday shopping morning. a christmas favorite is already sold out. >> we will preview the 9/11 trials i ♪ ♪
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>> >> you are watching abc 7 news at 5. this is good morning washington,
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on your side. >> in our top stories, on this monday, a barricade situation in d.c. has led to no arrests. police had a report a man was holed up inside a home on decatur street, nw around 10:00 last night. 2:00 this morning police discovered there was no one inside the house. >> because of a small radiation leak at a pennsylvania plant is under investigation today. 150 employees at the three mile island nuclear planwere sent home saturday after it was detected. there's no public health risk. >> 5 terror suspects facing trial in new york for the september 11 attacks will reportedly plead not guilty so they can voice their criticism of u.s. foreign policy. a lawyer for one of the man says they will not deny their role in the attacks and there will instead explain what happened and why they did it.
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>> 15 minutes after the hour on monday morning. let's get your traffic and the weather every 10 minutes. >> lisa baden has the traffic report. moving nicely in virginia. 395, 81 it, the greenway, a tollway looking good. for mellon commuters, at 410 a deer on the southbound washinton parkway, it hit a vehicle. -- for the maryland commuters. nothing south of town at the wilson bridge. now to brian van de graaff. >> let me show you a few showers throughout virginia. down towards central virginia. we are fairly dry this morning
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with the exception of a little drizzle. it is not necessarily selling upon adoption. but you could encounter that. 46 at dulles. low 50's in southern maryland. tetris will not move much. they will stay in the upper 40's to about 50. let's show you some other m -- temperatures will not move much. a system is developing off the coast. it will be fairly cloudy and cool. the showers off and on. it will be overcast with showers. high pressure will try to build dimon on tuesday and wednesday. it will be fairly gray, but not a lot of moisture. another system will bring some oyster it on thursday and friday with a couple of showers. looks like another col -- bring.
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>> bonds knobel's zeller -- barnes and noble's best seller. >> news corp. and microsoft may team up to take on the g oogle. it is considering moving links to its paper on google so it can get paid for content online, but it risks losing a big audience. barnes and noble says three orders for its electronic book reader -- pre-orders are backed up. customers are able to get a certificate to present as a place holder until dunmore have
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arrived. a canadian woman is battling an insurance company after she lost benefits because of pictures she posted on facebook. natalie blanchard is on long- term sick leave for depression. she added some pictures in which she appear to be having fun. the company says the pictures are evidence she is no longer depressed. she says she was following her doctor's advice in trying to have fun. science fiction could become reality again. scientists say they have created a device that temporarily paralyzes worms and could someday be used to treat medical conditions and allow us to live long and prosperous lives. logon to the technology page of i am jeremy hubbard. >> it's monday morning.
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>> the redskins have lost to the dallas cowboys, costing them more than just an nfc victory. we will talk about the injuries. >> inside sex addiction rehab at 4:00 on abc 7 on "oprah" "op
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>> welcome back. 5:22. the redskins lost more than just the game against dallas yesterday. the injured reserve list keeps
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growing. ladell betts tarullo the mid. and another player fractured his leg. another player had a sprained ankle before the game even started. clinton for thfortis is alreadyr a concussion. the coach says he is proud of his team. >> i told them i was proud of all of them. to leave it that way at the end in a hostile situation is kind of tough. >> you fight so hard pretty much stole game and get one play and they get one drive out of the whole game and we get bad luck of the draw and they end up winning the game. >> we have another big game next week.
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we will look at our roster and patch it up and go again. >> that face says it all. >> it really does. >> they got a touchdown. that says something. >> good defense. maybe next week we will do better. the philadelphia eagles beat the chicago bears. donovan mcnabb through 244 yards against is a hometown team. finally, the final race of the season for nascar. finishing fifth, jimmy johnson captured to the sprint cup championship. i know your husband was glued to the television set for that. >> he wa. s lynn dabel is joining us from
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new york with theusiness news. >> happy monday. nestle is considering a possible bridge for the british candy maker, cadbury. -- a possible bid. kraft foods makes counter with a higher offer. kraft foods is already trying to buy cadbury. kraft foods may have to fight off a potential bid from hershey as well. cadbury is anticipating a friendly bid from kirsty if it can get the required financing. united parcel service, the largest package delivery company, announced a 5% increase in ground packages and a 7% increase for air express. taking effective january 4. we are keeping a close eye on discovery communications.
5:27 am
the owner of the discovery animal channel planets may gain 25% in the coming year thanks to higher earnings and increased viewership. discovery statute -- diovery intends to benefit when oprah goes on cable 2011. -linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. the news continues in a moment. >> breast cancer survivor is speaking out against last week's mixed mammogram messages. we have a live report. >> if you are headed out on a highway for the thanksgiving travel season, there is good news. >> we could see some colder air moving in midweek. will there be moisture?
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see red and save green. now at your local chevy dealer. >> this is good morning washinton, on your side. >> 5:30 on monday. welcome back. >> of time to look at the weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> monday is the most active whether ieather. issues and the delays in many areas of the country and. -- there are delays and issues
5:31 am
in many areas of the country. we will reach about 50 degrees today with scattered lig rain and showers off and on. this holiday week will be kind of gray with hit-or-miss showers here and there. you may get to travel ok locally. lisa baden has the traffic report. >> two accidents with deer. one of the bolten -- baltimore washington parkway south. another one on 301 near 1. on 66 and 95, you look good on the greenway. in virginia those headlights are the typical volume northbound to getting up to the beltway. if you take mass transit, it's on time. back to you.
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>> sete democrats cleared a hurdle on the weekend. but lawmakers still have a long road ahead in the fight toward health care reform. democrats are debating what should be included in the final bill. gop critics have pledged to block the public option. >> by a 60-39 vote, senate democrats advance health care legislation. but a giant step forward; towards president forwar obama'l of health care reform. >> the important thing is that some of the amendments will pass. >> there were two democrats and an independent that will not support a final bill unless it addresses their concerns. >> my vote today should not be construed as an indication of how i might vote. >> i am opposed to a government
5:33 am
administered health care plan as a part of comprehensive health insurance reform. >> we don't want to force insurance companies that h -- it wants to force insurance companies to give coverage to someone with a pre-existing condition. but this would extend health care to 31 million americans. republicans will not support the current bill. >> this bill is a disaster for our country. president obama said it would not add to the deficit. it will. he said no one would lose their health care, but they will. >> senators will return on november 30 to get to the debate going. it could last until christmas. possibly longer. >> we are falling of a developing story out of northwest d.c.
5:34 am
. police had reports of a man inside a home on decatur street with a gun. they set up a barricade until 2:00 this morning when they discover no one was inside. a pennsylvania man faces attempted murder and other charges after a high-speed chase that sent the american state troopers to a hospital. christopher murphy, aged 30, took off when troopers tried to pull him over on saturday. then he rammed into a police cruiser. that police cruiser hit another police cruiser and another car. they stopped him on interstate 95 in baltimore. a local victim of the texas massacre will be buried at arlington national. lieutenant colonel from maryland will be laid to rest at 1:00 this afternoon. the 55 year-old physician's assistant had two daughters and six grandchildren. she was preparing to deploy to iraq. >> it's monday. jurors in the theft trial of
5:35 am
baltimore mayor sheila dixon will deliberate for a third day. she's accused of using gift cards for the needy on her own personal shopping spree. jurors sent the judge in notes, saying things were getting overheated. they asked to be dismissed. mayor dixon could be forced out of office, if convicted. michelle breed, d.c. school chancellor, is facing allegations that she covered up charges of sexual miscondt against her fiancee kevin johnson, the mayor of sacramento a congressional report by two ranking republican details her alleged involvement in the matter. she says the report rehashes old allegations that have long since been forgotten. >> special election on january 12 to repayreplace of virginia
5:36 am
senator. he represented the 37 district, which includes central and western fairfax county. the upcoming election is seen as a key race that will help determine the makeup of the state senate. it had 21 democrats right now and 19 repuicans. sarah palin is scheduled to stop at fort bragg, north carona today to promote her book. on saturday she drew a big crowd in a washington -- in washington county, pennsylvania. yesterday she was in roanoke, va., 300 people camping out overnight to meet her. >> good news at the gas pumps going into the thanksgiving holiday. gas prices have dropped four cets in the past three weeks. the average price for a gallon of regular is .55 nationally. $2.77 in the district. $2.61 in maryland. $2.64 in virginia.
5:37 am
v-dot is suspending enclosures on major highways. construction and cement work will stop at 12:00 noon on ednesday. it will start back up on the 30th. 1.5 million virginians will travel 50 miles or more from home for thanksgiving. that is up 3% from last year. >> the redskins annual thanksgiving food giveaway will be restricted. it's reported that only prince george county residents will be eligible to receive a free turkeys and side dishes. the team wants to make sure the food reaches those most in need. the department of fami service will determine the requirements. we have 49 degrees in rockville. >> did you hear this story? a special delivery for an atlantis astronauts. a bundle of joy waiting for him when he returns to earth.
5:38 am
>> a call to action for women can't cancer survivors. i amkor robinson in trucksville with how they are reacting to the new guidelines about women's health care, coming up. >> we will have a check on the skies and the streets as we
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>> hello. many of all volunteers are here to help us d and prevent homelessness. good morning washi, washington. >> welcome back. there is moisture moving in from the southwest, which will impact your weather later today. just some drizzle this morning. the storm system will get going off the coast of the carolinas and go into new england. we will have showers off and on, a light drizzle. that's today into tonight. we are in the mid to upper 40's right now. we will reh 50 with a sour developing throughout the day. lisa baden has the traffic report. >> its quiet right now. no major problems at all. there were some accidents involving deer on 197 and 301.
5:42 am
another such wreck on washinton parkway southbound inside the beltway. we don't have any problems on route 7 to green bthe greenway. the tollway looks fine as well. a lot of your neighbors will be heading out of town and we will keep you updated. back to you. and astronauts on the space shuttle atlantis has a lot to celebrate. his wife had their second child named abigail. the esther n atlantis will retun shortly. >> a baby and doing a space walk in the same day.
5:43 am
5:41 on monday morning. it's 48 degrees. >> "twilight" takes the top spot at the box office. wait to hear how much it earned. >> your youngest child could be watching more television than you might think. we will tell you theindings of you might think. we will tell you theindings of vote st
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and, of course, you can never go wrong with futures. kaiser permanente. thrive. >> tonight at 5:00, a relaxation drink. getting more popular with people winding down at the end of a day. why people are alarmed about them. jonas for that investigation tonight at 5:00. -- join us for that. you are watching abc 7 news at 5. this is good morning washington, on your side. >> checking our top stories on
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this monday, senate democrats clear a strategic turkel over health care reform. the democrats are still debating what should be included in the final bill. gop critics will block the so- called public option. >> students in an administrative building at the university of santa cruz will face criminal charges for judicial sanctions. 70 protesters walked out of the building yesterday after barricading themselves in on thursday. they were protesting big increases in tuition. >> a new study suggests preschool children are spending a lot more time watching television in day care than most parents may have thought. as many as two hours a day. washington state researchers say the children may spend a third of their 12 waking hours in front of the electronic babysitter. even though the number of swine
5:48 am
flu cases gis going down, demand is going up. montgomery county had its first weekend mass clinic yesterday in rockville. thousands lined up. 5000 doses or on hand for those in the priority groups. >> if i can prevent the death of my child, i will get her immunized. >> its important because my child has asthma. >> health officials are urging you to take precautions if you are traveling for the holidays. if that includes washing your hands frequently and cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing. >> times for the traffic and the weather. >> lisa baden has the traffic report. >> everything is running smoothly this morning. not much to say. we will keep an eye on travel out of town in case that is you.
5:49 am
right now the travel is into the city. everything is quiet. 95 and 66 are good. brian van de graaff shows a little bit of rain. >> that's right. ' off to the south and west. it is lifting north warwar. d it will be developing as drizzle at first. it's going to be an overcast and cool day. light showers off and on. mid 40's from leesburg to 50 degrees in boey. showers willevelop off and on throughout the day. some drizzle early on this morning. fairly cloudy tonight. as we go into the middle of the week, the jet stream will take a dip, allowing energy to go up to
5:50 am
detroit handed to new england. some colder air we will be on the cusp of the cool air from boston. scattered showers throughout the midweek. if you are connecting through detroit or chicago, there could be trouble. it will be sunny and florida and in texas and through the southwest. even sunday in seattle. in the heartland and in the northeast are concerns for a big travel day. the next couple of days will be fairly overpass. perley dry on tuesday and wednesday. wednesday and thursday we will have a couple of scattered showers. maybe a couple of them on friday. cooler weather moving in and for the weekend. >> thank you. billups is standing by with some stories at the live desk. . -- philip stewart.
5:51 am
>> "new moaon" earned $140 million domestically. toole hundred $60 million worldwide -- $260 million. what is going on? i am not familiar with it. >> it is going under the radar for a lot of people. >> someone else is doing well. susan boyle. today her debut album will be released. she will kick off a week of live performances on a bunch of television shows. the album is the biggest selling pre-order albums of all time on
5:52 am the biggest of all time. susan boyle performs some expected cover songs. but there are some surprises on there as well, including songs like "you'll see." i>> so many people want her to e successful. >> she has a new hollywood look. >> she looks very nice on the cover. very put together. >> we will keep an eye on her. >> we will keep an eye on her. >>
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made with gooey hersheys mini-kisses. spontanious joy may occur.
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>> the debate over the guidelines for mammograms is getting in tents. >> they're urging women to ignore the latest recommendations. breast cancer survivors will rally today in support of early detection. courtney robinson is in saukville with more on the debate. >> kathleen sebelius says women should continue to do what they
5:56 am
have done for ages. this morning the women who found their own breast cancer itself exams and mammograms are upset over the new guidelines that say to wait longer for a mammogram. >it's not just about confusion, if it is anger. >> it is ridiculous. >> the new guidelines from a federally funded task force say women should wait an extra 10 years, until age 50, andhen get a mammogram every other year doctors have been saying early detection is key and often means a higher survival rate. >> rationing care is not helping individual women. >> the doctors that brought out this report said their research did not show any significant change in mortality.
5:57 am
the top about unnecessary biopsies and radiation. >> women have gotten used to the old guidelines. >> they are urging women to have a pap test every two or three years starting at age 21. >> when it comes to women's health, it should be doing what best for women, not about politics. >> that is what this morning's protests is all about, doing what isest for women. the petition we have seen circulating on facebook and on blogs is calling women to come out to gather's road. >> thank you. the debate continues. >> the authors of the study
5:58 am
maintain that it's not about rationing care. the victims don't agree. >> its monday. a lot more ahead in the second hour of good morning washinton. >> we are still following developments from fairfax county. firefighters are battling an early-morning house fire. >> at the west falls church metro station, there are new safety concerns regarding a new line to be billed. >> lisa baden has the traffic report. >> lisa baden has the traffic report.
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